Doulton Lambeth Art Pottery Vase Pate-Sur-Pate Eliza S. Banks c. 1879

An antique Doulton Lambeth vase with a floral design to the body in the Pate-Sur-Pate technique. Impressed Doulton Lambeth rosette mark to the base and the impressed date – 1879. Incised artist mark for Eliza S. Banks and… Read More


Superb Doulton Lambeth Pate-Sur-Pate Vase Edith Lupton c. 1878

A fine Doulton Lambeth vase encircled with floral decoration using the pate-our-pate technique. To the base is the Doulton Lambeth impressed rosette mark as well as the impressed date – 1878 – there is also an incised mark… Read More


Doulton Lambeth Vase Pate-Sur-Pate Flowers Elizabeth M. Small c. 1883

Superb Doulton Lambeth vase by the hard to find artist Elizabeth M. Beautiful central band of apple blossom delivered in slight relief using the pate-sur-pate technique – c. Doulton Lambeth Vase – Pate-Sur-Pate Floral Decoration – Elizabeth M…. Read More