Exceptional Doulton Lambeth Ewer Or Jug By Arthur B. Barlow c. 1872

An exceptional Doulton Lambeth jug or ewer by Arthur Barlow. Impressed and incised marks to the base and dating to c. An exceptional piece for the discerning collector. Superb Doulton Lambeth Jug Or Ewer – Swirling Design –… Read More


Exceptional Doulton Lambeth Frank Butler Art Pottery Vase 1891-1901

For sale is an exceptional looking Frank Butler Doulton vase that carries the lambeth stamp for 1891 to 1901. I have been over it top to bottom including with a blue light & the only area that I… Read More


Exceptional Doulton Lambeth Frank Butler Art Pottery Metal Mounted Jug 1974

Exceptional Doulton Lambeth Frank Butler Art Pottery Metal Mounted Jug 1974. For sale is an exceptional Frank Butler Doulton Jug dated 1874. Sadly under very careful inspection the handle has two very thin almost invisible lines that would… Read More


Exceptional Doulton Lambeth Oil Lamp Hannah Barlow c. 1882

An extremely rare Doulton Lambeth Hannah Barlow oil lamp complete with original fittings and Hinks Duplex Burner. The body is sgraffito decorated with goats in a landscape scene and is dated 1882 to the base of the oil… Read More


Exceptional Early Doulton Lambeth Vase By George Tinworth c. 1876

Lovely Doulton Lambeth Vase – Scrolling Design – Early George Tinworth – Unusual Shape – c. We are pleased to bring to the market this impressive Doulton Lambeth stoneware vase by George Tinworth. Decorated in characteristic style with… Read More